BAMLET AND HAMLET – A New Play or a Cure for Cancer?

Published: 30th April 2010
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There are two new actors on stage in the war on cancer, BAMLET AND HAMLET. It was a fluke discovery; HAMLET was stumbled onto by researchers trying to figure out why breast milk kills bacteria. Instead they found a potent cancer-killing compound that does not bother healthy cells at all. BAMLET soon followed, meaning a similar cancer-killing substance can be produced from cow's milk. And a new human trial with HAMLET published this week shows that this compound is indeed a potent cancer killer. Both HAMLET and BAMLET are showing high promise against extremely resistant tumor cells.

HAMLET stands for Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumor cells. BAMLET stands Bovine Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumor cells.

BAMLET and HAMLET are a combination of milk-derived alpha-lactalbumin complexed with oleic acid, which is an omega 9 mono-unsaturated fat that is high in human milk and many foods, especially olive oil.

Researchers believe that the production of HAMLET takes places in the stomach of the infant, when hydrochloric acid beings to break down the alpha-lactalbumin and this protein begins to unfold, the oleic acid can then bind to it forming HAMLET.

Already lab experiments have shown that HAMLET kills over 40 different types of cancer. In the new study humans with bladder cancer were given HAMLET and following each treatment there were dead cancer cells in their urine. This is definitely the beginning of something new and rather exciting, since HAMLET and BAMLET have no side effects.

A study published in January explained exactly how BAMLET kills highly resistant tumor cells (which is also how HAMLET does it). A study out of few days ago shows that researchers are learning how to make their own BAMLET.

Maybe you are thinking what I am thinking. It is a piece of cake to make your own BAMLET. Whey protein is 23% Alpha-lactalbumin. Mix a tablespoon or two of extra virgin olive oil into your protein drink. As long as you are not taking antacids then your own digestive system is likely to whip up some BAMLET

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